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An unexpected journey. An unexpected friendship.



“This film is a shining example of what the Special Olympics mission is all about – promoting acceptance and inclusion and breaking down the barriers that exist for people with intellectual disabilities,” said Patrick McClenahan, President & CEO, Special Olympics World Games - Los Angeles 2015. “Like Special Olympic athletes, 'Produce' overcomes his adversity with courage, determination and joy, a transforming lesson for us all". Patrick McClenahan, President & CEO, Special Olympics World Games – Los Angeles 2015.

Where Hope Grows is an incredible film that demonstrates the power of value, acceptance, and inclusion of people with Down syndrome through all walks of life. David DeSanctis, “Produce”, is a true inspiration and is paving the way for individuals with Down syndrome who strive for their own careers, relationships, ambitions, and independence.” - Sara Hart Weir, President of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS)

"A reminder that labels on any individual are not acceptable. Break barriers through listening and compassion! "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.’ " Philippians 2:3-4 NIV Barry & Kim Trotz Barry Trotz - Head Coach of the Washington Capitals

“Where Hope Grows shows the power of respect, determination, trust, and the importance of taking personal accountability for one’s decisions in how to treat others. During a recent Be Kind Crew school assembly to hundreds of middle school students, actor David DeSanctis made a visibly positive impact with his authenticity and clear message that true friendship, support, and hope happens when people seek to understand how they are similar instead of different and how kindness is love in action.” Marcia Meyer, Founder, The Be Kind People Project™


"God often uses unexpected heroes to reach the broken, the addicted and the troubled-hearted. The movie WHERE HOPE GROWS perfectly illustrates how God places people in our lives in an effort to capture our hearts and minds for Him. It reminds us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, that God sees what man often cannot, and that in the end all things work together for the good of those who love God." - Bob Russell, Bob Russell Ministries, Pastor Emeritus of Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, KY) and author of over a dozen books

"Finally, a movie I can recommend to every single person I know. WHERE HOPE GROWS is a story of hope, courage and redemption. You will walk out of it a better person than when you walked in." - Tim Winters, Executive Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Church (Porter Ranch, CA)

"I loved the movie. Such a great story of redemption and understanding. Director Chris Dowling did an outstanding job of telling the journey of these intricate relationships. This movie truly showed the challenges & triumphs those with special needs face. It showed how although we all may be different when we love & accept each other beautiful things can happen.” - Craig Johnson, Founder of Champions Clubs for special needs, Director of Ministries, Lakewood Church (Houston, TX)

WHERE HOPE GROWS is a life changing film. Powerful. Transforming. Just what we’ve needed in the theater. I can’t imagine anyone going away, without having to take a long hard look at who they are, where they’re at, and what really matters in life.” - Dr. Keith Alan Loy, Lead Pastor, Celebrate Community Church (Sioux Falls, SD)

WHERE HOPE GROWS made me laugh, cry and think. This film truly puts God's heart on display to show that He can work through anyone to demonstrate His love. You will leave this movie challenged, compelled and inspired.” - Chris Bennett, Lead Pastor, Antioch Church (Norman, OK)

“A refreshing and inspiring movie about the positive power that people with special needs can have in our lives when we recognize their value and allow them to love us. As a parent of such a child, I was thrilled to see this truth play out on the screen and in such a high quality film.” - Mario D’Ortenzio, President, Death 2 Life Revolution Ministries

"It's rare to find a Church film that doesn't compromise its quality for the message. WHERE HOPE GROWS is that unique exception where the message flows organically out of the story--it feels real and lived in. The film is not afraid to tackle difficult subject matters in the hope of sparking awareness and debate." - Matt Green, Professor of Film, The Masters College (Santa Clarita, CA)

" WHERE HOPE GROWS is a compelling story that reminds us just how much we all need each other. Hopeful and challenging at the same time, this film reminds us that hope grows in the most unlikely places." - Jeff Cole, Community Life Pastor, Real Life Church (Valencia, CA)

WHERE HOPE GROWS is awesome! This movie shows how God can use all people to bring about His Glory and to teach others.” - Chris Stevens, Senior Pastor, As You Are Church (Reseda, CA)

WHERE HOPE GROWS is an inspirational film that will capture your heart as you see life through the eyes of a grocery store clerk with Down syndrome. He befriends Calvin, an alcoholic father and former pro baseball player. Through the unlikely friendship, Calvin experiences the life changing and redemptive power of God’s unconditional love. This film teaches us that God can use the most improbable of people to reveal who He truly is. the movie will captivate, encourage and challenge you to see life in a whole new way.” - Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Sr. Pastor of The North Church (Carrollton, TX) and Bishop of Church on the Rock International


“Once in a while, a film comes along that moves me to the extent that no breadth or depth of words will ever be enough to express it. WHERE HOPE GROWS is one of those films.” - Steven Jones, Truth on Cinema

WHERE HOPE GROWS is a subtle exposition of the philosophy that Church is often about having the courage to examine and change one's own behavior, and that scriptures can provide solace and guidance to those in need.” - Debbie Cerda, Slackerwood.com

“If you watch this, bring a few napkins, tissues or a couple of handkerchiefs with you. You’ll need them. I did.” - John Strange, Selig Film News


WHERE HOPE GROWS is an inspirational film about friendship, community inclusion and a sense of belonging. Attributes of life that all individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities deserve to experience. Changing perceptions to change lives... way to go WHERE HOPE GROWS!” — Kellie Perez, Senior Director, Down Syndrome Association of Orange County

WHERE HOPE GROWS takes a little slice of life and teaches us to see the whole person, not just what we perceived the person to be. We could all use a little WHERE HOPE GROWS in our lives.” — Gail Williamson, President DSIAM (Down Syndrome in Art & Media)

“We’re so proud of our member David and for the film that shows people with Down syndrome are people first who can bring gifts into all of our lives.” — Mark Leach, Board President (during filming), Down Syndrome of Louisville.

"the movie nails it on so many levels. As a movie, it has a terrific story and very moving performances. But, beyond that, the movie shows a truth in facing challenges that many movies miss. This movie digs beneath the surface to show the good and bad, the awful and the beautiful, and the need to see each person as individuals with their own unique set of gifts. the movie will provide an awareness and a new admiration for those facing the biggest challenges in life. Entertaining. Inspiring. Powerful." - Rob Snow - Founder of Stand Up For Downs, Speaker, Author, and Father to an amazing son with Down syndrome.


“The young women at The Teen Project's Free rehab, refugees that were homeless after foster care, and I saw WHERE HOPE GROWS last month. We were all so moved by this powerful story of redemption and hope! I have seen several movies over the past few months…and I can tell you this is the best yet!” - Lauri Burns, founder of The Teen Project and international motivational speaker

Where Hope Grows is a film that tugs at everyone’s heart. We all go thru life in some situations comparing ourselves to one another. These are entitlements of our culture. This film, Where Hope Grows, eliminates this entitlement issue and deals with the gifts that God has given each of us and to use these gifts for His glory. As this film depicts in the character of “Produce”, we can be a blessing to others no matter what our gifts may be. - Darrel Billups, Executive Director, National Coalition of Ministries to Men

“Where Hope Grows is a faith-based, inspirational tale that stands apart from run-of-the-mill feel-good movies filled with clichés and fairy tale endings. Everyone needs hope and inspiration about the possibilities of transformed lives – and we need such hope that does not deny real and authentic issues; Where Hope Growshits a home run that will cause you to stand and cheer. Here’s a movie about real people and real life – about shattered dreams, grief and loss, addictive behaviors, father-teenage daughter relationships and a Down’s Syndrome boy who, through his courage, is the heart and soul of this great story. Don’t miss it!” – Greg Albrecht, author, speaker and CEO of Plain Truth Ministries

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