Godspeed picturespresents

An unexpected journey. An unexpected friendship.


What is our release date?

May 15 in the United States.

Is the "R" word used in this movie?

Yes, the "R" word is used but it is used in order to eventually teach everyone a lesson. We know in the Intellectual and Developmental disability circles this word is banned as it should be. We are the first film to ever have ever cast and crew member sign an eliminate the "R" word pledge. We hope you do to (ester special olympic world pledge website). We need to get this word out of our society. We just want to let you know that you will here it but it is in order to teach a lesson later in the film.

How can I help?

Group ticket sales
tweet/ instagram / FB this (create easy cut/paste language)
Tell your friends
Come to the movie

Is it coming to my city?

Stay tuned. All theaters will be listed on the website. We can hold a special screening at your local theatre if there is a group/individual willing to buy 500 tickets. For group ticket info contact …….

Is it coming to my country?

Independent film distribution is a very long process. Traditional distributors in other countries do not believe US dramas have an audience. Please request your distributors / theaters / TV channels to get WHERE HOPE GROWS. Have them contact XXXXXXX . Stay tuned for updates on our website but probably won't be until Fall 2015 at the earliest.

Why is this film important and why is it important that I see it in theaters?

This script was written over 6 years ago. The industry told us not to make it because "no one would care". We have not seen a person with Down syndrome front and center for 25 years since Chris Burke's amazing groundbreaking performance in LIFE GOES ON. A ticket purchase to this movie is your vote that you want to see more movies like this. Those are the only votes "Hollywood" pays attention too. In 2013, GOD'S NOT DEAD shocked the industry by making $60+ million (on a $2M budget) in theaters. What did you see next? You saw 50 come out in the theaters the next year. It's time to see more diversity, respect, hope and faith on the big screen. Thanks for your support. See you May 15.

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